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Libellulidae Family

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The Skimmer family is a large group of our most common dragonflies, many of which are also among our most colorful. Some have patterned wings and bright colors on the thorax and abdomen. Most species oviposit into still water, although there are a few which prefer running water.

Blue-faced Meadowhawk
Blue-faced Meadowhawk

King Skimmers (genus Libellula) are among the most obvious pond and lake dragonflies in Nebraska. Meadowhawks (genus Sympetrum) are smaller and frequently have red abdominal markings. Meadowhawk species can be challenging to tell apart. Rainpool Gliders (genus Pantala) have a characteristic teardrop shaped body: wider in the front than toward the back. They are agile flyers and difficult to capture. Saddlebags (genus Tramea) have markings on the base of the wings which give the genus its common name.

Four-spotted Skimmer
Four-spotted Skimmer. Photo courtesy of Gordon Warrick.

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